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That D feels different ...

This is totally no shot to show off or the beginning of a "What's in my bag" story. First, the cameras and the glass in the picture are good for what they are designed for, but they are freely available for everyone and pretty affordable. And for the in-my-bag stories: I don't need those at all if it is really just listing all your gear without any explanation why you use that in particular and what you do with it.
What this is about is how cameras feel different regardless of their specs and price. And how I think that certain glass fits on one camera better than on the other. Again, not from a technical point of view, but considering emotions. And after all, that is something we as photographers need to consider more than anything else.
The D3200 with the 35mm / 1.8G was my first DSLR. I bought the kit with the 18-55mm, but after a month I got the 35mm prime cos I didn't want to zoom but walk around to find the shot. It made me feel more like a photographer an…

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