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Zoom in. Breath out.

I've known anxiety as long as I can remember. Sometimes it was just a thought moving past in the endless stream of thoughts. Sometimes it was so intense, it feels like there will never be any happiness in my life anymore. For me, as a person and as a photographer it is very important to try and live in the moment more and let go of the past and the future as much as I can. So that's one reason for me to be dealing with photography, but that reason is just one word in this whole story. I've mentioned this before and I will again and again - my life and my creativity depend on each other. I think about both more or less constantly, I think about life, happiness, creativity, expression and anything that I associate with it and sometimes I manage to not let that stream swallow me and leave me paralyzed, dumb, deaf and blind. And actually, create something. Don't get me wrong. I need that stream. I need all of the 60,000 thoughts we have on average every day. Make that 90,…

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